What are the benefits of Denture?

What are the benefits of Denture?

Are you tired of living with missing teeth? If the answer is a yes, you are probably looking for teeth replacement options near you. Missing teeth comprise chewing, speech and even aesthetics. For some adults, living with missing teeth can also be a big dent in their confidence and can negatively affect their personal, professional, and social lives. However, we at iSmile Dental Centre believe nothing should come between you and a healthy heartfelt smile. Therefore, we offer the best and most trusted teeth replacement options – Dentures!

benefits of Denture

Dentures are one of the oldest dental prostheses used to replace missing teeth and gums. Traditional dentures are fixed to the upper and low jaw and retain themselves due to mechanics. They have undergone many advancements over time to ensure they are comfortable to wear and restore functions like chewing and speech. Our dentures are made from high-grade acrylic, providing a beautiful finish and looking just like natural teeth. Dentures can be used to replace a single tooth, multiple teeth or all the teeth. A partial denture is one that replaces a single or few teeth, whereas a complete denture replaces all the missing teeth. Owing to advances in dental sciences, you can now also opt for dental implant-supported dentures in Brampton. However, if you are still not convinced about getting dentures, then let us illuminate you on their multiple benefits through this blog.

  • Allows you to eat normally

One of the biggest complications of living with missing teeth is that it hampers chewing. Your food options become restricted, and you can no longer enjoy the foods that you once loved. This, in turn, also hampers nutrition. People who live with missing teeth tend to have nutritional deficiencies as well. However, replacing missing teeth with dentures can help you overcome this deficit and allow you to enjoy all your favourite foods again. You will have better nutrition and won’t have to shy away from enjoying your favourite food. Although there is a learning curve when it comes to eating with dentures, most people adjust to it within a couple of days.

If you opt for implant-supported dentures in Brampton, you may not even have to go through a learning curve as these dentures offer more significant support and stability.

  • Betters Speech

Our speech highly depends on how our teeth and tongue interact. Therefore, people with even a single missing tooth can notice a change in how they speak. This change in phonation becomes more apparent when you miss all the teeth. This can put a massive dent in a person’s mental health as they cannot communicate as openly as they would like. They develop and lisp, and somethings words tend to slip. However, once your missing teeth are replaced with the help of dentures, you can go back to speaking normally and clearly as before. Dentures improve not only speech but also the psychological health of a person.

  • It gives you a complete smile

Missing teeth compromise your smile. You may hide your smile when you wish to laugh, or you may end up curtailing yourself from smiling in front of others. However, not anymore! Dentures replace all your teeth and, with it, rejuvenate your smile so you can laugh to your heart’s content without worry.

  • Maintains facial proportions

Once teeth are lost, the underlying bone undergoes the process of resorption and wears away. This is the reason for facial sagging and curling of lips, ultimately leading to a facial collapse. However, traditional dentures slow down this process and ensure your facial proportions are maintained in the long run.

Dental implant-supported dentures can stop the process of bone resorption, which ensures even better oral and overall health.

  • Youthful appearance

Missing teeth can make you look aged and takes away the shine from your face. However, once you replace your missing teeth with dentures in Brampton, you can take back your youth. A complete smile helps lessen the appearance of wrinkles, and dentures support the face, which ultimately contributes to a vibrant and youthful appearance.

  • They are removable

Dentures are removable, which makes maintaining good oral hygiene easy and proper. They can be removed to ensure comfort and for cleaning.

  • Easy to maintain

Dentures are easy to maintain. Brush and clean them every night before you sleep and put them in water; that’s all that’s needed.

  • Cost-effective

A good well-fitted pair of dentures can last a long time. Dentures are also one of the most cost-effective ways of replacing missing teeth.

  • Boosts confidence

Having a complete smile will ensure you do not have to hide away from anyone. Better speech and better aesthetics contribute to an increase in self-confidence and betters a person’s personal, professional and social life.

If you have any more questions or would like you to know more about our services, then please reach out to us. Our team of excellent dental professionals at iSmile Dental Centre in Brampton is here to assist you.

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