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If You Experience Neck Pain, Jaw Pain, or Headaches When You Wake Up, You Could be Suffering from Temporomandibular Joint Disorder (TMJ)



Temporomandibular joint disorders or jaw joint disorders (aka TMJ) can manifest in various ways. Our specialized dentists at iSmile Dental Centre in Brampton elaborate on multiple signs and symptoms that suggest you may have a jaw joint disorder requiring urgent attention and treatment.

  • Pain in your jaw, especially when you wake up.
  • Tenderness of the jaw joint.
  • Pain or tenderness in one or both of the jaw joints.
  • Difficult in performing usual tasks like chewing and talking.
  • Throbbing pain in the front and around your ear.
  • Pain and stiffness of the neck.
  • Facial pain and soreness.
  • Locking of the jaw joint at any moment making it difficult or almost impossible to close or open your mouth.
  • Difficulty in opening your mouth completely.
  • Hearing clicking or popping sounds during jaw movement.
  • Having a grating sensation in the jaw joint area.

If you experience any of the above symptoms, do not ignore them, as they could worsen with time. Please schedule an appointment with us at iSmile Dental Centre in Brampton to consult our specialist dentist regarding your jaw joint problems. Our dentist will perform a thorough oral and jaw joint examination with additional tests and x-rays to diagnose the disorder and prescribe appropriate treatments.


There are a plethora of reasons which can give rise to jaw joint disorders, and sometimes there may not even be a possible explanation for them. Our dentists at iSmile Dental Centre in Brampton have made a list of specific risk factors and causes which can lead to jaw joint problems.

treatment of tmj disorder

  • The most common cause of TMJ disorder is trauma to the jaw or the jaw joint.
  • Erosion of the joint.
  • Arthritis
  • Bruxism, that is the habitual grinding or clenching of teeth.
  • Congenital jaw joint problems.
  • Trauma to the jaw during child delivery.
  • Poor posture which strains the muscle of neck, jaw and face.
  • Prolonged stressful environment.
  • Poor nutrition.
  • Poor quality of sleep or lack of sleep.
  • Certain connective tissue disorders and disorders of the bone.
  • Using faulty dentures for a long time.
  • Faulty dental fillings.

All of these factors and more can be attributed to the increased risk of developing jaw joint disorders. It is imperative to consult a specialist in Brampton to determine the root cause of your jaw joint disorder and start a treatment plan accordingly.


When you schedule an appointment with us at iSmile Dental Centre in Brampton, our board-certified dentist will ask you specific questions about your medical and dental history. After they have taken a thorough history, they will begin a complete examination. Our dentist in Brampton will perform a comprehensive dental and oral examination. Next, they will palpate and check your jaw joint, carefully examine the opening and closing of your jaw and hear for any clicking on grating sounds. Sometimes, our dentist at iSmile Dental Centre in Brampton may suggest further investigations; this may include taking X-rays or suggesting an MRI to arrive at a concrete diagnosis. After arriving at a diagnosis, they will present you with a complete treatment protocol.


Sometimes, jaw joint disorder can be treated with non-surgical approaches. Our dentist at iSmile Dental Centre in Brampton may prescribe you pain relievers and anti-inflammatory medications for a few days. They may also put you on a restrictive diet for someday and ask you to avoid any hard food substances. Muscle relaxants may also be prescribed for a few days or weeks if the jaw joint disorder is due to muscular spasm.

At iSmile Dental Centre, our dentist may also prescribe certain medications to manage stress and teach you relaxing exercises of the jaw if the cause of the jaw joint disorder is stress. These medications and exercises are used to condition the jaw to be relaxed and alleviate the symptoms of pain and tenderness associated with jaw joint disorders.

However, in some instances, the jaw joint disorders may be too advanced to treat with medications and relaxing exercises. Jaw joint disorders attributed to bruxism that is tooth clenching or tooth grinding, have to be managed with a more systematic approach. These approaches focus on treating bruxism, which simultaneously resolves the jaw joint pain.

At iSmile Dental Centre in Brampton, you may be prescribed with mouthguards. A mouthguard is made from a soft material and is inserted over the teeth at night. This prevents teeth clenching and grinding. Mouthguards prescribed by our dentist at iSmile Dental Centre in Brampton make sure your teeth do not come in contact. Physical therapies to retrain the muscles to a more relaxed position as well as to strengthen the facial muscles are also advised.

Sometimes, more invasive surgical approaches might be needed to resolve the symptoms associated with jaw joint disorders.

If you are experiencing any of the above symptoms, you may be suffering from a jaw joint disorder. You can schedule an appointment with us at iSmile Dental Centre, and our outstanding dentists will be there to help you resolve your TMJ issues. If you have any questions and would like to know more, you can also contact us, and one of our fantastic team members will be there to assist you.

To learn more, or to book an appointment with an experienced and gentle dentist in Brampton, call our practice toll-free at 905-457-4706 today.

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