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Repair Significant Tooth Loss and Badly Damaged Teeth with Dental Dentures

Do you have severely damaged teeth or several missing teeth? Do you wish to replace them and are searching for an affordable teeth replacement option? Well, dentures at iSMILE DENTAL CENTRE in Brampton is a popular dental procedure to replace damaged and missing teeth. Dental dentures in Brampton are much more affordable than other permanent solutions like implants and crowns.

Dentures, when used to replace some missing teeth, are known as removable partial dentures. When all your teeth are missing, we use complete dentures to restore your smile and functions like chewing and speech.


Dental dentures at iSMILE DENTAL CENTRE in Brampton by our Denture specialist dentists are removable false teeth used to replace the lost teeth. Dentures can be partial or complete. Dentures in Brampton are custom created for every individual to fit their jaw bone snugly. Dentures replace the lost teeth and reestablish the shape, size and height of the lost teeth. Dentures are made to sit comfortably onto your gums. Dentures at iSMILE DENTAL CENTRE in Brampton are made of medical-grade acrylic. They are durable and cost-effective dental treatment.


There are a plethora of reasons for tooth loss. One of the most common reasons for tooth loss is dental decay. Other reasons for tooth loss are gum diseases like gingivitis and periodontitis, trauma to the tooth, tooth loss due to jaw bone fracture. Even a single lost tooth can compromise function as well as aesthetics.

Complete loss of teeth compromises an individual’s health. The most primary problem with missing teeth is the inability to eat. No teeth mean a person is not able to chew their food correctly. This puts them at risk of malnutrition. Teeth play a vital role in speech; once teeth are lost, your ability to speak clearly is lost. Individuals with no teeth cannot pronounce certain words and have to repeat themselves repeatedly to be understood. Teeth loss affects facials aesthetics significantly. Once teeth are lost, jawbones begin to shrink. The skin around the jaw bone sags, the overall length of the face decreases. The appearance of wrinkles on the face becomes more prominent, and the lower jaw starts protruding. The entire face collapses, and proportions change. It is imperative to replace the lost teeth as swiftly as possible. Replacing the lost teeth will slow down the process of jaw bone resorption and, at the same time, establish the vertical dimensions of the face. It will replace the missing tooth, restore form and function and make your smile aesthetically pleasing again. Removable dentures at iSMILE DENTAL CENTRE in Brampton are a time-trusted and most affordable method of replacing the lost tooth and enhancing your smile. It not only successfully restores your smile but also gives your face a more youthful appearance.


During your first appointment at iSMILE DENTAL CENTRE in Brampton, our denture specialist dentist will examine you. They may take some X-rays, and an impression of your upper and lower jaw is taken. This impression acts as a mould, and a study model is prepared. This model is used to prepare a customized denture for you in the dental laboratory here in Brampton. It takes time to create a custom denture, and it requires multiple visits to the dental clinic to make sure that the denture is fit to perfection.

A trial denture is made; first, we will call you for an appointment where the fit, shape and size is checked of the trial denture. If any changes or tweakings are needed, it is done at this point. After this, the trial denture is made into a permanent denture. The permanent denture is smoothened and polished to make sure it is comfortable to you, our patient. Your permanent denture is delivered to you on your final appointment with us at iSMILE DENTAL CENTRE in Brampton. One of our dentists will explain how to put and remove the denture and maintain your dentures.

Dental dentures at iSMILE DENTAL CENTRE are the most convenient, painless and affordable methods of replacing the missing tooth.


Dental dentures can feel foreign and frankly a little uncomfortable at first. You might experience excessive salivation during the initial time. However, soon you will get accustomed to them and learn how to speak, eat and live with them. The mouth adjusts to the dentures.

You have to take specific steps to care for your dentures.

  • Remove your dentures made at iSMILE DENTAL CENTRE in Brampton before you sleep every single day. Removal of dentures at night allows the gums to rest and recover. It also prevents the risk of accidental choking, which can occur with partial dentures.
  • Once the dentures are removed, please put them in a container with water. It is essential to keep the dentures soaked in water when not in use; otherwise, they may lose their shape.
  • Dentures should be cleaned meticulously every single day, just like you would clean your real teeth. Unclean dentures harbor bacteria and fungus and lead to jaw bone infections, and can cause fungal infection of the mouth. It can also lead to bad breath. Dentures should be cleaned with toothpaste and a toothbrush to remove all the food debris and plaque accumulated.
  • Maintaining good dental hygiene is exceptionally important in people wearing dentures to prevent further complications or loss of more teeth due to dental decay or gum diseases.


If you are searching for an affordable yet aesthetically pleasing tooth replacement option, our dental dentures at iSMILE DENTAL CENTRE in Brampton is for you. Please schedule an appointment with us to get your missing tooth replaced. If you have any more questions, you can contact us for further details.

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