Dentures vs Implants: What’s Right For You?

Dentures vs Implants: What’s Right For You?

If you have lost some or all of your teeth, you must be looking for a way to replace them. After all, living with missing teeth not only compromises your facial aesthetics and smile but also alters speech and lowers chewing capabilities drastically. Therefore, replacing missing teeth becomes imperative. The sooner you opt for teeth replacement, the better will be the results. Missing teeth can be replaced by removable dentures, fixed dental bridges or dental implants.

One of the perpetual questions that run through a person’s mind wanting to replace teeth is ” What to choose, Dental Implants or Dentures“? Dentures and Implants both serve their purpose. Replacing missing teeth aids in chewing, speech, maintains facial proportions and restores aesthetics. However, they are both different and come with their pros and cons. This blog will look at both options in detail to help you choose the best option.

Procedure for placement of Dental Implants vs Dentures

Dentures vs ImplantsDentures are removable prostheses that are used to replace your teeth. Dentures that replace all your teeth are known as complete dentures, and the ones which replace some teeth are known as partial dentures. Before you are fitted for dentures, our Brampton dentist at iSmile Dental Centre will first examine and study your bite and take measurements of your facial proportions. To do this, they will take an impression of your upper and lower gums. This allows your dentist in Brampton to design a denture that fits you and aids in proper chewing and speech. After this, a primary denture is made to check its fit. Once our dentist determines that it has a perfect fit, they will send it to the lab for the final denture. Your dentures will be ready in a few days, and you will be called for your final appointment where your dentures will be fitted.

Unlike dentures, dental implants are fixed as they are placed into the jawbone through a surgical incision on the gums. Dental implants require a certain amount of bone for them to be placed. Our dentist may perform a bone grafting or sinus augmentation procedures to obtain a desirable bone level in the absence of proper bone levels. Once the implants have integrated with the jawbone, a crown, bridge, or denture can be fixed over them. It is important to note that dental implants can take anywhere from 3-6 months to integrate with the jawbone.

Cost of Denture vs. Implants

Dental implants in Brampton are much more expensive than dentures. They require special training and precision to be surgically placed. More importantly, the cost of getting dental implants can also increase if additional procedures like bone grafting or sinus augmentation are performed.

Maintaining Dentures vs. Dental implants

Dentures require special care for them to remain in good condition for a long time. Dentures must be cleaned every day before you wear them and after eating. If you are using a denture adhesive, ensure that you get rid of it from the gums, if any is left on them. Dentures must also be removed every night and should be soaked in a cleaning solution during that time. Your bite can change over time, and dentures tend to loosen and can stop fitting well; this means they need to be changed every few years.

On the other hand, dental implants are fixed to the jawbone. This means they are permanent and last a lifetime with good care. You just need to brush and floss them as you usually would. Once dental implants are integrated into the jawbone, they look and feel just like natural teeth.

Making A Decision

Pros of Getting A Denture
  • Dentures cost less than implants and are a more affordable teeth replacement option.
  • Allows your recent extraction teeth socket to heal before you think about a more permanent option like implants.
  • Dentures in Brampton are an easier teeth replacement option.
  • Getting dentures fitted does not take a long time.
  • No surgery is required for placing a denture.
  • It can be opted by anyone; there are no contraindications.
Cons of Dental Dentures
  • Dentures are removable and not a permanent fix.
  • They do not look natural like dental implants.
  • Dentures require special and additional care. They have to be removed every night and after a meal to be cleaned.
  • They can be messy and uncomfortable at times.
  • Dentures can loosen and slip out and be a cause of an embarrassing social situation.
  • Dentures do not allow you to eat everything as freely and come with restrictions.
  • They need to be replaced frequently.
  • Dentures do not stop the process of bone loss.
  • Dentures can affect and alter speech.
  • Ill-fitted dentures can be a cause of jaw-joint disorders and can even lead to and infections.
  • Partial dentures can weaken adjacent teeth.
Pros of Getting a Dental Implant
  • Dental Implants are built to last a time with proper care.
  • They are a permanent solution.
  • Dental implants are fixed to the jaw bone.
  • They do not require any special care; just brush twice a day and floss as you normally would.
  • Dental implants restore complete chewing capabilities and allow you to eat all your favorite food.
  • One of the most significant advantages of dental implants is that they look entirely natural.
  • They stop the process of bone loss and maintain facial aesthetics and proportions.
  • Gives you a more youthful appearance.
  • Dental implants do not alter speech.
Cons of Dental Implants
  • Dental implants are expensive.
  • Dental implants have a long healing phase.
  • Dental implants may require additional oral surgeries if proper bone levels are not present.

We hope this article will help you in making a well-informed decision with regard to your teeth replacement option. Whether you opt for a denture or a dental implant, it is important to stay aware and discuss any concerns you may have with our dentist. If you have any more questions or would like to schedule an appointment with us at our Brampton dental clinic, please contact us. Our team of friendly dental professionals is here to help you and ensure that you have a pleasant dental journey.

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