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Dental Appliances in Brampton

Dental appliances are commonly used in dentistry and orthodontics. These devices can be permanent or removable and help to achieve the desired effect from your treatment plan. Common dental appliances include night guards and sports mouth guards to protect your teeth and retainers to keep your teeth in alignment after your orthodontic treatment is complete.


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Night Guards

Teeth grinding, also known as bruxism, is a dental problem that can severely damage the teeth. Many people who suffer from this condition are unaware they are grinding their teeth at night until they experience pain and discomfort in the jaw. It’s crucial to address bruxism promptly to prevent long-term damage to the teeth. Your dentist may recommend a custom-made night guard to ensure adequate protection for your teeth.


Retainers are an essential dental device that must be used after orthodontic treatment to keep your teeth properly aligned. They are available as metal retainers and clear plastic aligners and are usually worn at night. Your dentist will assess your teeth and suggest the best retainer for your dental needs.

teenage with clear aligners
teenage with clear aligners

Sports Mouth Guards

Anyone who plays sports, particularly contact sports, might be in danger of receiving a blow to the mouth. These injuries can dislodge the teeth or cause broken teeth, so it’s essential to protect them with a sports mouth guard during physical activity. While boil and bite mouth guards can help, a custom-made device will feel more comfortable and provide optimal protection.

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