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“Nothing you wear is more important than your smile” – Connie Stevens.

No matter how brilliantly you dress, having a smile that compliments it is the best piece of jewellery you can accompany it. A beautiful, fresh smile enhances your aura, self-confidence and leaves a positive impression on people who meet you. No matter the language you speak, a smile conveys warmth and friendliness all over the world. A smile makes way for further conversations and builds social well being. A smile is such a precious part of our personality.

Because of these reasons, teeth whitening or teeth bleaching has gained immense popularity in recent times. Our society has always put great value on the importance of a bright smile. There is a growing demand by the public for teeth whitening procedures, and many opt for it. It is one of the most common cosmetic dental procedure.


We are born with pearly whites; however, ageing effects begin to show even on our teeth. With time our teeth stain with the consumption of liquids like tea, coffee and alcohol. Consumption of edible tobacco and smoking also significantly hampers the colour of our teeth and degrades them.

However, some of us may not be born with pearly whites and may suffer through tetracycline staining or fluorosis.

Whatever may cause the unappealing stains on your teeth, we have a teeth whitening procedure for you at our dental clinic, iSMILE DENTAL CENTRE, in Brampton.

Teeth whitening is a professional dental procedure that lightens your teeth’ natural colour to a brighter shade by using chemical agents. It removes the stains and other forms of discolouration to reveal a more radiant-looking smile.


INTRINSIC STAINS include discolouration, which is embedded in the tooth structure. The cause of intrinsic stains can be a traumatic dental injury, tetracycline staining, fluorosis, certain dental anomalies like enamel and dentinal hypoplasia, and discolouration due to amelogenesis and dentinogenesis imperfecta.

EXTRINSIC STAINS are the stains on the outer surface of teeth and can be caused due to certain metals, foods and beverages consumed. Extrinsic stains are more comfortable to treat than intrinsic stains, whether congenital or acquired.

At iSMILE DENTAL CENTRE in Brampton, our Brampton dentists have various teeth whitening procedures for treating these discolourations. Every individual has different needs and will require additional treatment plans to reveal their pearly whites so they can smile their hearts out.



Vital bleaching is a teeth whitening procedure offered at our clinic in Brampton by our Brampton dentists. This teeth whitening procedure is used to whiten vital teeth, meaning the teeth that are still alive. It can be done in the dental office or at home using a customized nightguard. 35-40% Hydrogen peroxide is applied on the teeth’ external surface in subsequent appointments in the office until the desired result is achieved. Lasers are used to generate heat, which fastens the lightening process.

With our vital bleaching technique of teeth whitening at iSMILE DENTAL CENTRE in Brampton, our Brampton dentists can help you get your dream smile.

Vital teeth whitening procedures successfully treat staining caused by foods, liquids (coffee) and tobacco, mild tetracycline staining, mild fluorosis, and discolouration due to trauma, where the dental pulp is still alive.


Non-vital bleaching technique is indicated in non-vital, necrotic or root canal treated teeth that have become discoloured. To perform a non-vital bleaching technique, it is imperative to make sure that the root filling is appropriately condensed. If not, it becomes crucial to replace it with a well-packed root canal filling. This technique utilizes hydrogen peroxide or sodium perborate for whitening teeth.


Let our fantastic Brampton dentists help you put all your dental worries aside. We at iSMILE DENTAL CENTRE are here to help you take care of all your teeth problems. Please schedule an appointment with us to get started on your journey to a brighter smile. If you have any queries or would like to know more, you can contact us; our fantastic team of Brampton Dentists are here to answer your questions and make sure you keep smiling!

To find out more about the teeth whitening system in Brampton, or to book an appointment with a dentist in Brampton today, call our dental office at 905-457-4706 today.

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